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Add helpful tags and comments to your emails free with MailTags 5.1.2

MailTags Crack download version 5.1.2 Mac OS APP Download

MailTags lets you add comments, due dates, project notes and priority rankings to your messages, all without leaving your Inbox!

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MailTags is a feature-packed companion to Apple Mail:

Integrated interface – Add tagged keywords, project notes, and priority rankings through a convenient side panel.
iCal supportCreate synchronized ToDos and Events in iCal directly from Mail.
IMAP support – Sync your tags with your IMAP server for access across multiple computers.
Helpful list display – Display your tags in extra columns in your message list so you can track due dates as they approach.
Customize Mail rules – Create smart rules for automatic tagging of new messages.
Mail search integration – Search your tags from Mail’s search field. Narrow the search by keywords, projects or notes.
Smart Mailbox integration – Build smart mailboxes for searching your messages by keywords, projects, and due dates.
Applescript compatible – Construct Applescript work flows for accessing your MailTags data for use them in other applications.

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